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Welcome to Fullscope Hearing!

We make access to hearing care simple, easy and affordable. No need to drive into an office, we come to you! As the only independent mobile hearing care company in the Puget Sound area, we offer the best products and services for less, guaranteed!  

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Dennis Tembreull

Our founder, Dennis Tembreull, has the experience, care and patience to make a hearing solution work for anyone. Dennis got his start working inside a hearing aid manufacturing plant in 1999. There, Dennis learned all the skills needed to understand and work on hearing aids of all types. Dennis has also fit over 2000 people with hearing aids since receiving his Washington state dispensing license in 2001. One of his specialties is invisible hearing aids. When you call or email FullScope Hearing, Dennis will be the one to guide you through the process.

We are 100% Veteran Owned

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Our Mission

FullScope Hearing exists to help educate, diagnose and provide expert solutions for every person living with hearing loss. We believe friends and families are a critical part of any solutions we provide. 

Hearing Products

At FullScope Hearing we know how important it is to provide solutions at the best price and value. Our price match guarantee makes sure you have peace of mind knowing you’re getting the most for value available for the best price. We invest our time selecting the best hearing aid technology. Our founder, Dennis Tembreull, has worked in manufacturing of hearing aids and knows the ins and outs of each product. To the trained eye, there is a big difference in quality between the products offered. Don't buy before you call us!

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Don't neglect your hearing

Studies have shown the direct link between untreated hearing loss and overall mental/physical health. Hearing aids have been proven to improve cognitive ability, decreasing the risk of developing dementia. Unfortunately, if hearing loss goes untreated, people are at a higher risk of developing dementia. The great news is today’s hearing aids are small, sleek and packed with incredible technology. Call or email today and let FullScope Hearing take care of the details, you won't regret it! 

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Hearing Health Services

FullScope Hearing delivers top quality services and products to our clients at home, office or retirement facility. 

Services We Offer:

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    FREE Initial Consultation

    We offer a FREE initial consultation with our expert.

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    FREE In-House Repairs

    We offer FREE hearing aid repairs done in the comfort of your home, office or retirement facility.

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    Complete Hearing Tests

    If you have a hearing loss, it will detail the extent, type, and specifics of your particular hearing loss.

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    Price Match Guarantee

    We provide the best quality hearing aids for less money than anyone else, guaranteed!

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    Premium Hearing Aids

    We offer the most cutting edge hearing aid technology from the Big Six manufacturers.

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    Custom Hearing Protection

    Custom-made earplugs offer a comfortable fit that is designed specifically for your ears. 

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    Stock Hearing Protection

    Hearing protection is extremely important for anyone who is in a high-noise environment.

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    Musician's Monitors

    For musicians who perform for large audiences, in-ear musician monitors (IEMs) are the current standard in musician technology.

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    Workers Comp Claims

    We provide for Labor & Industries, self-insured and federal hearing loss claims.

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    Aural Rehabilitation

    Improving communication involves a long term rehabilitative process in which the hearing aid is only part.

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    Concierge Like Service

    We are an in home hearing provider, delivering top quality services and products to your home, office or retirement facility.

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    Dedicated, Friendly Staff

    We take pride in patient success and work very hard to make appointments enjoyable and productive.

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We are available for appointments forty-four hours per week, including 10am to 8pm on Saturdays. We serve the most of the Puget Sound area. Please feel free email us at [email protected] or give us a call with any questions. Our owner, Dennis Tembreull, will pick up or email back!

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