The latest technology. The best fit. Concierge level service.

About Us

FullScope Hearing is a full service, veteran owned, hearing care company based out of West Seattle Washington. We are a in home hearing provider able to deliver top quality services and products to our clients at home, office or retirement facility.

FullScope Hearing was founded by Dennis Tembreull, a 20-year hearing industry veteran who decided it was time to create the hearing care company of the future. FullScope offers free in house repairs for any hearing aid, free initial consultations and basic digital hearing aids from $1998 pair. Those are just a few differences that make FullScope Hearing the obvious choice for concierge like service and the best hearing aids and hearing care provided by an expert.

What's the difference between us and all the other options in the market today? Several! Here are a few that stand out:


Mobile service saves time and money.

  1. You work directly with the decision maker, no more "let me ask my manager".
  2. We fit hearing aids same day 70% of the time.
  3. Unmatched Service and expertise after the sale. 
  4. Unlocked hearing aids, able to be programmed anywhere.
  5. No pressure to purchase.
  6. Hearing care is our passion, not a job
  7. Price Match Guarantee*.

At FullScope, we aim the make the process of receiving top quality hearing care simple to understand and easy to procure. All products and services are . After thousands of successful fittings, we have identified the three most important areas of any hearing aid care program. Those three areas are: Price, Service and expertise. Here is further explanation.

Price: FullScope Hearing addresses price by having the lowest prices of any hearing company in the Puget Sound area. With our Prices, if you purchase a hearing aid without contacting us, you could be missing the best value available!

Service: FullScope Hearing is available for appointment 44 hours a week. Most of our programming can be done remotely if you own a smart phone. We can bring our quality concierge like hearing care to any home, office or retirement living facility. We believe that the word service is an unspoken promise to deliver the very best attention to detail in everything we do. FullScope Hearing would appreciate the opportunity to exceed your expectations!

Expertise: No two people have the same hearing loss. No two products are the same. With experience dating back to 1999, our dispenser, Dennis Tembreull, has successfully tested and fit thousands of people with hearing aids. Dennis takes pride in patient success and will work very hard to make appointments enjoyable and productive.

Please feel free to call or email with any questions and Dennis Tembreull, the owner, will pick up or email back.


*Rules and Restrictions Apply