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Dennis Tembreull

Dennis Tembreull
Hearing Care Professional/Founder

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Dennis Tembreull has been working in the hearing industry since 1999. Dennis has personaly fit thousands of hearing aids in his career. His first job was working as a Inside/Outside Sales Representative for a hearing aid maufacturer covering four states.Working in a hearing aid manufacturing plant and learning how to make hearing aid from start to finish has proven to be a very unique skill set benefiing each of his clients. Dennis then worked for Costco as a hearing specialist before being recruited to work for Siemens as their Territory Sales Manager for WA, OR, ID and MT. Dennis purchased a small hearing aid clinic in 2004. By 2014, the office was serving over 1000 patients. In early 2017, Dennis formed the beginnings of FullScope Hearing. The main vision of FullScope being to make expert level hearing care simple and easy to acquire, while offering the lowest prices on premium hearing aids. What matters most to Dennis Tembreull is the success of his clients. In his spare time Dennis enjoys spending time with his three teenage children, playing golf, reading and volunteering in the community. Dennis is a proud Army veteran and has a Bachelors Degree from Concordia University.