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Hearing Care Services

FullScope Hearing is a full service, veteran owned, hearing care company. We are based out of West Seattle Washington and serve most of the Puget Sound area.

We are an in-home hearing provider able to deliver top quality services and products to our clients at home, office or retirement facility. We are available for appointments forty-four hours per week, including 10am to 8pm on Saturdays. We provide the best quality hearing aids for less money than anyone else, guaranteed!

  • FREE initial consultation with an expert
  • FREE in house repair of any hearing aid
  • Complete hearing tests in home/office/retirement facility.
  • Price match guarantee
  • Premium quality hearing aids from top manufacturers
  • Hearing protection stock/custom
  • Musician’s monitors
  • Labor and Industry provider
  • Aural Rehabilitation program
  • Concierge like service
  • Friendly staff dedicated to client success

Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

During a hearing aid evaluation, your hearing care professional will discuss different hearing aid styles, colors, technologies and benefits. Your specialist will help you select the right hearing aid for your personal needs. Custom impressions may be taken of your ears, depending on the style of hearing device chosen.

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Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

At the hearing aid fitting, you will receive the hearing aids you selected. They are programmed based on a prescription that is specific to each person’s hearing loss. The hearing professional may make adjustments after you try the hearing aids to make sure the settings and fit are ideal for you.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Some minor hearing aid repairs can be done in the office setting in a short period of time; others will need to be sent to the manufacturer for repair. Your hearing professional can help determine what kind of a repair is necessary if you feel your hearing aid is not working properly.

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Hearing Tests

A hearing test is the first step in determining your hearing capability. If you have a hearing loss, it will detail the extent, type, and specifics of your particular hearing loss.

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Musicians' Monitors

Musicians have unique needs when it comes to hearing protection. They need to protect their hearing, but they also need to be able to hear their own music clearly, as well as hear other musicians' music and voices while performing.

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